I am not an “ Alcoholic”

I am a person with the disease of alcoholism and addiction ,I am not “an alcoholic.”

Similarly, some people call my children autistic. In reality, they are teenagers who have the neurobiological disease of autism. They are my children—quirky, lovable, with multiple personal traits that make them uniquely who they are. They are Mary and Max.

The distinction is important, especially to a person who has a disease that can be used to describe that person. “This is Erin, she is a diabetic.” She is a teacher, a daughter, a wife, a warm, funny person with a smile that can light up a room. She is human, good and bad, full of characteristics that make her the human being that she is. There is only one of her in the whole universe. To whittle her down to “a diabetic” negates the rest of her essence.

We are defined many times by what we choose to do to bring light and positive change to the disorder we have been presented with.

But we are not the disease. I am not an alcoholic.

I have alcoholism.

Author: Joani The Interventionist @www.JoaniTheInterventionist.com

Hello! I am working as a full time Alc/drug/eating disorders and process accictions interventionist. I have had two books published, The Interventionist and Painkillers, Heroin and the road to sanity. Sanity can sometimes be elusive, I am a mom to two teens. Great kids really! I am a prior long term hospital RN for approximately 20 years in the neonatal area. Then I did a 180 ( long story, but stay with me) , I was employed in a state alcohol and drug rehab for 7 years as an RN. Following this , and no longer working as a RN, I I started doing interventions. I have done interventions for about eleven years with my own company , found at www.JoaniTheInterventionist.com My work is my passion, born out of my own personal and family darkness with this disease. And I feel lucky and blessed to have found gratifying work out of that pain. So join my blogs. Not quite sure what I will write, but that is the fun in it. Thanks for reading.

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